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Im trying to code the speed bonus to word on all movement. i know the formula is base movement + 5(rounddown(base movement/15)
and im trying to add a new tracker for the derangement.

source d20 second world body and soul

“Cutter” is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). The creature’s type becomes “Aberration.” It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Speed: Same as the base creature +5 feet per 15 full feet of normal base movement. Cutters feel less “friction” from the world.
Special Qualities:
Same as the base creature plus the following:

Stepping (Su): Living between worlds allows one to quickly step back and forth between them. Typically
the cutter must physically move to use this ability; however, the movement can be as simple as stepping from foot to foot so doesn’t count against normal movement and the cutter can incorporate it as part of a regular action (the d20 system rules assume combatants move around within their square as part of any action). This simply works like the blink spell as cast by a 10th level sorcerer. A cutter may activate this ability as a free action; when he does so the ability lasts for 10 rounds. Doing this costs 3 points of derangement.

Shortcuts (Su): A cutter may quickly find a shorter path between two normal locations in the world. In order to do so he must frequently move through terribly alien dimensions and this can cause severe derangement. The cutter can use shortcut in two ways. First, he may double his overland movement rate for one hour at a cost of 3 derangement points; if using a vehicle this applies to the vehicle and all occupants (who also suffer derangement). Second, he may dimension door as the spell cast by a 10th level sorcerer at a cost of 5 derangement points. Finally, he may teleport as the spell cast by a 10th level sorcerer at a cost of 25 derangement points.
Slurring (Su): Cutters can partially slip themselves out of the world they occupy. When they do this their image grows hazy and they become mildly resistant to mundane weapons and magical powers. This acts like a blur spell (as cast by a 10th level sorcerer) and grants the cutter DR 5/+1 and SR 12. The cutter may activate this as a free action at a cost of 1 derangement point. Each such activation lasts for one round.

The Long Walk (Su): A cutter may step completely into another world. This operates as if using the spell plane shift as cast by a 14th level sorcerer. The long walk requires extreme effort; the cutter must actually physically tear himself from the world he occupies and launch himself into another. This requires a Will save (DC 17) to succeed; this also causes the cutter 1d6 points of temporary Constitution damage in addition to 20 points of derangement whether or not the walk succeeds. The cutter may bring others along for the trip but he takes an additional point of temporary Constitution damage for each extra walker (at most 7 other creatures) and everyone taking the walk suffers derangement.

Derangement (Ex): Living partially between worlds takes a terrible toll on the psyche of a cutter. Normally, they’ve hardened themselves against this at some time during their life; if not they’ll likely go insane or self-destruct given time. For every year since a cutter has gained his abilities he loses 1d4 points of Intelligence. Check for the specific amount at the end of each year. If the cutter possesses the Iron Will feat he suffers no Intelligence loss. Intelligence lost this way counts as a special kind of ability damage; you may not repair it in any fashion though regular means of raising Intelligence can offset it (e.g. wishes, magical books, and so on).
Cutters may also suffer derangement when making use of their abilities; cutters should keep track of this in the form of derangement points. For every (8 + the cutter’s Wisdom bonus + an additional 2 if the cutter has the Iron Will feat) full derangement points a cutter suffers he takes 1d6 points of temporary Intelligence damage. The cutter may heal or repair the damage normally. Each ability that causes derangement also lists how much derangement it causes. A cutter reduces its derangement by 1 point each hour. By properly budgeting the use of his abilities the cutter can avoid taking any ability damage but he’ll always face the temptation to truly screw himself up.

a character may also take this template in which case he should sacrifice one level when he gains it and spend 40,000 gp in material component costs to represent whatever ritual or other costs may be required.
Partial Purchases:
Phase One (0 gp): You acquire the increase to movement Speed and the Stepping special quality. Triple all derangement costs.
Phase Two (10,000 gp): You acquire the Shortcuts and Slurring special abilities. Double all derangement costs.
Phase Three (30,000 gp): You now have all abilities of the template and derangement costs drop to normal.
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