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Old May 24th, 2021, 12:22 AM

I'm trying to change the damage dice of handwraps to have the damage dice of a large creature.

Currently, Stonefist gloves increases the damage dice on a medium creature's Unarmed Strike to that of a large creature, so I thought that the simplest approach would be to copy the code that does that but make it apply to the Handwraps too.

That doesn't work, and I think its because Handwraps is either

1. Pulling the damage dice size from Unarmed Strikes before the size changes, OR
2. Handwraps is looking for the player's size and then fixing the damage dice based on that size.

Code for Stonefist Gloves
      doneif (field[gIsEquip].value = 0)

      foreach pick in hero from BaseWep
          if (eachpick.tagexpr[IsWeapon.wUnarmed = 1] <> 0) then
              perform eachpick.assign[Helper.DamageUp]

      foreach pick in hero from BaseWep
          if (eachpick.tagexpr[IsWeapon.wHandwrap = 1] <> 0) then
              perform eachpick.assign[Helper.DamageUp]

      ~perform hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[Helper.DamageUp]

      var message as string
      message="+" & round(#tierbase[]/2,0,-1) & " to sunder with {i}stonefist gloves{/i}"

Code for Handwraps
      perform hero.child[wUnarmed].pulltags[wMain.?]
      perform hero.child[wUnarmed].pulltags[wCritMin.?]
      perform hero.child[wUnarmed].pulltags[wCritMult.?]
      perform hero.child[wUnarmed].pulltags[wType.?]

      if (container.ishero = 0) then
        perform container.parent.pushtags[wMain.?]
        perform container.parent.pushtags[wCritMin.?]
        perform container.parent.pushtags[wCritMult.?]
        perform container.parent.pushtags[wType.?]
        container.parent.field[wDamage].value += herofield[tSize].value

        if (tagis[Helper.DamageDown] <> 0) then
          perform container.parent.pushtags[Helper.DamageDown]
        elseif (tagis[Helper.DamageUp] <> 0) then
          perform container.parent.pushtags[Helper.DamageUp]
        field[wDamage].value += herofield[tSize].value
Does anyone have any solutions as to how I would fix this issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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