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Old September 19th, 2018, 09:27 AM
Thanks everyone for your patience for this long awaited release! We're still playing catch up, but this is a big step to being current on PF releases again.

Explore powers once thought lost in the collapse of early empires with Blood of the Ancients! Pierce the cloak of secrets surrounding Nidal, Land of Shadows and it's Midnight Lord! Trailblaze across the infinite planes and visit 6 unique locations detailed in Distant Realms! Keep the campaign marching as another chapter of the War for the Crown, The Twilight Child, has been added to our Encounter Library, and the Player and GM content for all remaining chapters is being released.

Finally, we have integrated the changes for the New Path's Compendium's Expanded Edition into the existing package, which means current owners will see an automatic upgrade. If you haven't yet picked up this package, no time like the present! Also from Kobold Press, we are releasing the Advanced Races Compendium, which includes a plethora (more than 300 pages worth!) of options for existing exotic races, and several new races as well!

Player Companion #32 (with Blood of the Ancients!)
Campaign Setting #19 (with Distant Realms, and Nidal, Land of Shadows!)
War for the Crown Encounter Library
Advanced Races Compendium
New Paths Compendium Expanded

New Releases
  • Blood of the Ancients is now available as part of our Player's Companion #32 package!
  • Nidal, Land of Shadows is now available as part of our Campaign Setting #19 package!
  • Distant Realms is now available as part of our Campaign Setting #19 package!
  • The Twilight Child, Chapter 3 of the War for the Crown AP is now available in our latest Encounter Library!
  • Player and GM content from AP #130, City in the Lion's Eye, AP #131, the Reaper's Right Hand, and AP #132, the Six-Legend Soul are now available. Encounter libraries will be added in a future update.
  • The Player's Guide for the Return of the Runelords AP is now available free to all users!
  • The Advanced Races Compendium from Kobold Press is now available as a stand alone book!
  • The New Paths Compendium package has been updated with the changes from the Expanded Edition, as a free upgrade for existing users! New purchases will include this as well!

Enhancements & Changes
  • Implemented the changes from the FAQ for Ultimate Wilderness.
  • Added the following new adjustments: Spell DC, Specific Descriptor, Spell DC, Specific Subschool, and Gelik's Training (for serpent's skull AP).
  • The Centaur Alseid from Midgard Bestiary and Advanced Races Compedium are different enought that there are two seperate versions.
  • Gearforged and Gearborn have been implemented as seperate races.
  • The Gnoll from the Southlands book (Kobold Press) has been renamed the Gnoll Mayelee.
  • The Trollkin in Advanced Races Compendium has been implemented as a different race than the one appearing the the Southlands book.
  • Scaling Feats from New Paths Expanded have been integrated into Hero Lab. If you select the Scaling Feats options ever instance of the replaced feat(s) are exchanged for the scaling version.
  • In addition to new classes, many of the classes from the older edition of New Paths Compendium by Kobold Press have changed as follows:
    • The new Mystic Archer is a totally different class from what exisited before. The older one has been renamed "Mystic Archer (old)." Note, this class is effectively a replacement for the Elven Archer but that class has not been removed.
    • The Savant class is significally different as well. The older version has been renamed "Savant (old)."
    • Skin-Changer's Animal Shape now allow the user to actually change their form as per a polymorphing ability. Animal Shape and Animal Combat have slightly changed (see the class description).
    • The New Paths Shaman has been renamed to Spirit Shaman. Animal Spirits now only grant 1 spell.
    • Bonded Scion's force weapon and bane weapon now apply their abilities to the arcane bond weapon.
    • A Force Blaster's modifications to a Battle Scion's force blast now are fully implemented.
    • A Black Hat archetype's jinxs now act similar to grit abilities and are grouped together on the statblock.
    • Beast Soul Monk now sets what kind of animal companions we are allowed to take depending on our choce of animal style.
    • Clockwork Monk has been changed to work with the updated versions of the Gearforged race and Gear Points system in Advance Races Compendium.
    • Monk of the Compliant Style Rod has been renamed Iron Staff Monk.
    • Paper Drake Monk can now change you into swarm form with the One Thousand Cranes ability and Torn Form now allows you to change size.
    • Elemental Ninja archetype is now limited to the air, earth, fire, or water schools only.
    • Elemental Shaman has been updated to reflect the new rules in New Paths Expanded.
    • Primal Shifter's spellcasting and Enhanced Wild Shape has been changed to reflect the new rules in New Paths Expanded.
    • The Gravebinder archetype has been renamed the Death Warden.
  • The Trickster class's variant spellcasting and the Split Leadership feat have been implemented as options on the Configure screen.
  • Death Feats can been added in three different ways: 1) directly as a normal feat, 2) requiring a death flaw for each death feat, or 3) taking a death flaw grants you a death feat.
  • Broken Mirror Style now modifies the number of images you can have with the mirror image spell adjustment.
  • Extra Wild Shape has been implemented as two seperate feats: Extra Wild Shape and Extra Animal Shape. This is because it is feasible a hero can have both the Wild Shape and Animal Shape abilities, but we can only apply this feat to one of them each time it is taken.
  • Favored Terrain Expert now allows you to select your terrain directly.
  • Improved Arcane Aura now applies bonus to Arcane Aura ability.
  • Improved Covering Shot renamed to Improved Covering Fire.

Bug fixes
  • Basic Telekinesis was missing some of its text.
  • Mithril manacles had the wrong cost.
  • Hindrance Dismissal had incorrect pre-requisites and category tags.
  • The Fiendish Aspect of the fiendflesh shifter archetype was not calculating its minutes/day tracker.
  • The Fiendish Aspect of the fiendflesh shifter archetype was stacking its bonus to natural armor correctly.
  • The Ride Mount cavalier ability was not applying its effects on the printed character sheet.
  • Lances were not showing 1-handed options on the printout when the hero was mounted.
  • The Substance Tolerance ability of the fermenter alchemist archetype, was not reducing penalties of active Tonics.
  • The Starlight Juice tonic was having its dazzle condition eliminated by Substance Tolerance at too low of a level.
  • The Weapon of the Mind ability of the phantom blade spiritualist archetype was not able to grant Weapon Focus (unarmed strike) while stored in the consciousness.
  • The Adaptable Training fighter Advanced Armor Training was not granting the chosen skill as a class skill.
  • The Wild Shape (Aquatic/Water) ability of the kraken caller druid archetype was not gaining the benefit of the Shaping Focus feat.
  • Some Kineticist Blasts were showing incorrect damage calculations, though the final results were correct.
  • The Positive Energy Kineticist Blast and Positive Admixture Blast were calculating their damage as though they were physical blasts.
  • The Dragon Disciple was not adding a Bite attack at 2nd level when combined with the Bloodrager's Claw ability.
  • The Elemental Ascetic kineticist archetype was replacing Kineticist Defenses granted to other classes (such as a monk with the Water Dancer archetype).
  • The Spiritual Guardian feat was missing its pre-req for the Spirit Magic class ability.
  • An error was being reported when a character with Barracuda style had any other style feat active, even if Barracuda Style wasn't active.
  • An FAQ for the Emotional Conduit feat had not been applied.
  • The Lycanthropic Wild Shape ability of the weretouched shifter archetype was causing armor and other gear to merge with the form when assuming the hybrid form.
  • The Creature Focus feat was not counting as the Favored enemy class ability for the pre-reqs for some feats.
  • Psionic classes were calculating their Concentration Bonus field incorrectly.
  • The Prestigious Spellcaster feat was not offering the correct selection of slots for prestige classes missing more than one spellcasting upgrade slot.
  • The Wary (Daggermark) trait was not applying the correct value in its situational.
  • Familiars with racial abilities that calculate standard DCs were not treating their Hit Dice as their master's level when that would be advantageous.
  • The Telekinetic Maneuver ability of a Small Aether Elementals serving as a familiar was not taking into account the master's level serving as its HD.
  • The Air Blast ability of a Chuspiki serving as a familiar was not taking into account the master's level serving as its HD.
  • Unchained Monks who had taken the Quinggong Power ability more than once were treating the added powers as too high a level.
  • The Curator occultist archetype was removing both 1st level implements, rather than just 1.
  • The Curator occultist archetype's Exotic Implements were adding both schools of spells to the class spell list when activated, rather than just the selected school.
  • The Spirit Talker feat needed a way to record what revelation was currently evoked.
  • The Book of infinite spells item needed a way to record what spell was on the current page.
  • Spells added to a class' spell list expansion table could remain present but hidden taking up slots if what granted them was removed after spells were chosen, resulting in an unresolveable (and unhelpful) validation error.
  • The Investigator's Studied Combat ability should have been applying its effects only to melee attacks and melee damage.
  • Sharpstone sling ammunition was showing the wrong combination of damage types.
  • The Kineticist's Kinetic Whip Infusion was not changing affected blasts into melee weapons, meaning their attacks were still being calculated with Dex.
  • Neither Kinetic Whip, nor Kinetic Blade were showing equip controls, meaning there was no way to wield them 2 handed (if, for example, you wished to use Power attack's higher damage bonus with them).
  • Kinetic Whip was not allowing you to specify whether the weapon created was Light or One-Handed.
  • The Blooded Arcane Strike feat was not increasing the bonus applied by Arcane Strike when actively using the Vital Strike chain of feats.
  • The Summoner (naturalist)'s Nature's Call ability was not being displayed if you only owned the ACG, but did not own Inner Sea Magic.
  • Energize Weapon was allowing itself to be take with the wood elemental focus.
  • The unchained rogue's debilitating injury ability was increasing the penalty at 18th, rather than 16th level.
  • Gloves of Dueling was not increasing the bonus of certain versions of weapon training.
  • Draconic Might was not switching the Ki pool and some other monk abilities, to use Strength.
  • The First Mother's Fang was not allowed to choose an exotic ranged thrown weapon for its proficiency.
  • Certain Giant dieties were showing as not available for PFS characters.
  • In certain rare instances when making BP purchases for a Kingdom, attempting to explore a Hex would fail with a message about incorrect currency being charged.
  • The Warpriest's Sacred Weapon ability would not retain any spent charges on portfolio reload.
  • The Printout for a Drake Companion was showing the stat boosts they gained from growing as though they were temporary bonuses.
  • The Mount Benefits for a Cavalier Mount was not showing Evasion increasing to Improved Evasion at 15th level.
  • Mythic Companion was not registering tiers on the master for its pre-requisites.
  • The Heavenly Radiance feat was not increasing the uses/day of an Aasimar's daylight spell like ability.
  • The older version of the Lion Blade PrC (from Taldor, echoes of glory) was not checking for the correct number of skill ranks in its prerequisites.
  • The Wildfire warpriest blessing was incorrectly reporting needing the Air domain from the deity, rather than the fire deity.
  • Undead companions were not apply correct AC bonus if they were incorporeal.
  • Theurge class was missing the Wand Adept ability.
  • Futurist archetype has not removing the arcane familiar fully.
  • A bunch of spells in Deep Magic were incorrectly marked as Spirit Shaman spells when they should have been Shadowsworn spells. Several spells from Deep Magic that should be on the Shadowborn list were missing.
  • The Elemental bloodline Elemental Resistance was granting immunity even if we are replacing elemental resistance in an archetype.
  • Animal companions were showing both evasion and improved evasion. This is fixed as well as corrected error in statblock location of improved evasion.
  • A number of domain abilities had a SpecType of Aura when they shouldn't of and those that did were not diplaying the correct range.
  • Rodent Empathy was diplayed on the wrong statblock line.
  • Gunslinger ability Nimble was setting its bonus absolutely thus not allowing things to modify the bonus.
  • Grit Tracker Helper was showing on the Specials section of the statblock when it should be hidden.
  • When an archetype replaced the Deity Favored Weapon ability, worshippers of Irori and other Unarmed Strike favored weapon deities were still getting the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.
  • The breath weapon ability of draconic bloodlines had slightly confusing in its description when added by Dragon Disciple.
  • The Fiendskin Damnation feat was not changing the type of the hero to Native Outsider once enough other Damnation feats had been taken.

Data File Authoring
  • Similar to how races work, the candidate expression for classes available are now stored in a herofield, tClassExpr.
  • For minion characters, you can now force a certain attribute array to be used by assigning Helper.ActMethod directly to the desired Creation pick in an eval script.

Last edited by Mathias; September 19th, 2018 at 01:45 PM. Reason: We had forgotten to list the RotR player's guide in the changes
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Old September 19th, 2018, 09:41 AM
When you're installing this release, you may notice that the window on the right hand side of the installer says that files are deleted - I've included a screenshot of what this looks like as an attachment. This is expected - we found that some of the stock portfolios where we store the monsters for the encounter builder were getting to be very large files, which was making maintaining them difficult, so we split them into more files with fewer monsters each. The installer sees that as deleting the old file and adding new files, and it is just notifying you that this is happening.
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Old September 19th, 2018, 09:43 AM
We're still working on the remainder of our backlog. I'm afraid I don't have a solid estimate to give you yet as to when we'll have planar adventures and the other books that we're behind on finished and ready to release, but I'll keep you updated once things are closer to release and we're more certain of when that will be.
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Old September 19th, 2018, 01:48 PM
Thank you for the update. A lot of changes, very much appreciated!
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Old September 21st, 2018, 04:20 PM
Any notes for the summoners sidekick changes?
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Old September 21st, 2018, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by Minous View Post
Any notes for the summoners sidekick changes?

One of the deities that got a more detailed writeup in one of the AP issues added some summoning options.
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Old September 22nd, 2018, 07:06 PM
Hirelings from Ultimate equipment have disapeared
Valet, Doctor all of them
the only hirelings available are chronicler, Fence, Hireling and sage
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Old September 27th, 2018, 01:25 AM
I noticed when activating the Death or Glory feat that it doesn’t reduce the number of attacks to a single attack. It thinks I should be able to attack my normal multiple attacks.

“Against a creature of size Large or larger, you can make a single melee attack as a full-round action...”

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forum but the search didn’t come up with it.
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Old September 27th, 2018, 07:05 AM
Please submit this as a bug so it can get on their radar to be fixed.
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Old October 1st, 2018, 03:51 AM
Awesome, thanks!
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