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Old October 23rd, 2018, 05:56 PM
Major Changes
  • We've made a major upgrade of our networking infrastructure. While this is primarily aimed at making future development easier, it should also bring with it more reliable connections, speedier reconnection when connections do drop, and fewer mysterious networking-related error messages.
  • One major improvement already coming about due to these networking changes: changes made to a character in one instance of the client will now be reflected in another instance (e.g. another browser window, or tab) without requiring a refresh. We'll be using this kind of client "syncing" a lot in future party and campaign-oriented features.

Changes and improvements
  • When you are redirected to the login screen (e.g. because your session expired), after logging back in, you will now be returned to where you last were in application (i.e. character, tab, section)
  • Removes session expiration error popup in favor of a less intrusive and less alarming message on login form
  • When entering in a numeric value, if that value is not valid, a message will appear indicating the valid range

Bug Fixes
  • Fixes browser tab titles and history entries not reflecting the current character/location in the app
  • Fixes searching/filtering in "choose" windows displaying empty headings. Headings with no items matching the search text or filter settings will once again be hidden.
  • Fixes checkboxes being slightly vertically misaligned in some places in the app
  • Fixes backspace interaction on resource dialog inputs
  • PF2 - Fixes the missing resonance investment checkbox on magical arms and armor.

Game Mechanics
  • PF2 - Applied the 1.5 errata.
  • PF2 - Error messages about your skills, like a class not having finished selecting its trained skills were being reported in places where you couldn't fix the error, like the class' own tab.
  • PF2 - The Paladin's Channel Life feat was misspelled.
  • PF2 - The Legendary performer feat's prereq for Virtuosic Performer was not functioning correctly.
  • PF2 - the price of the Returning weapon rune was incorrect.
  • PF2 - the Impeccable Craft feat's prereq for Specialty Crafting was not functioning correctly.
  • PF2 - The description text of the Druid's Expert Spellcaster and Legendary Spellcaster abilities mentioned divine spells, and not primal spells.
  • PF2 - the summary text on the Paladin's Steed Ally ability was incorrect.

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