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Old January 30th, 2019, 06:01 AM
Huzzah! So my current party decided to start a 4e campaign and I don't think my Hero Lab is calculating things correctly, particularly attack bonuses and AC.

For instance, I'm a level 9 Dragonborn Fighter with a Greataxe and a Two-handed Weapon talent. HL calculates this as a +11 to attack, but I don't think it's taking my 1/2 level into that. Weapon prof is +3, Str mod is +8, and 1/2 level is +4, so by my calculations my bonus should be +15, right?

For armor, I am proficient in Studded Leather a +3 bonus, again 1/2 level is +4, and if I wear light or no armor (it's classified as light) I should be able to add my Dex mod to it (a +7 bonus). That should be 14+the regular 10 should be an AC of 24, but it won't go higher than 20...

Are my calculations off, do I not have a setting correct that I'm overlooking, or is this a technical issue?

Thoughts? Thanks for any help in advance.
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Old January 31st, 2019, 11:01 PM
Unless you're using an above-standard point buy or house rules, those ability score modifiers are suspiciously high. My guess is that you're basing your expectations on the modifiers HeroLab shows on the Abilities tab? In that case, you are seeing them with half-level already added. (So your neutral scores (10 or 11) will show as a +4 modifier at this level.) Assuming standard point buy, your actual modifiers are between -1 (8 or 9) and +6 (22) at this level.

It's a bit of a weird behaviour by HL, since the game rules are clear that "modifier" is just the ability score component of that bonus. I expect the logic is that it's more useful at the table, since most places where you need only the modifier are pre-calculated by HeroLab.

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