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Old April 21st, 2023, 10:45 AM
Hi all!

I am trying to implement Purple Duck Game's version of the Far Strike Monk archetype for use by the Unchained Monk.

One of the tricky things I see is to prevent Monk Weapons (other than those also in the thrown group) from showing a Flurry attack like under it's weapon entry and then to add the flurry attack on the Ranged entry for other thrown weapons.

I see on the Far Strike Monk for the non-UC Monk that it has this script to adjust the flurry entries. How would I need to adjust that for the Unchained monk? I don't believe that the UC Monk weapons use the Helper.ShowFlurry for determining that entry...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

#appenddesc[cMnkFlurr, "{b}Additions from Far Strike Monk:{/b} A far strike monk can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action as long as he's attacking with thrown weapons. He can't make a flurry of blows with his unarmed attacks or any other weapons. A far strike monk's flurry of blows otherwise functions as the standard monk class feature.{br}{br}A far strike monk can't use Rapid Shot when making a flurry of blows with a thrown weapon. This ability alters flurry of blows."]

~search through all our weapons - if they're thrown, add
foreach pick in hero from BaseWep where "Helper.ShowFlurry | wCategory.RangeThrow"
  if (eachpick.tagis[wCategory.RangeThrow] <> 0) then
    perform eachpick.assign[Helper.ShowFlurry]
    perform eachpick.delete[Helper.ShowFlurry]

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  • (SWADE) WIP Savage Rifts
  • Savage Rifts (Deluxe): Update link in This post
  • Star Trek Adventures: Update link in This post
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