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Daniel V
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Old March 31st, 2022, 02:50 PM
Aaaaaaand we're back with more content and features!

New Content

PF2 - Fists of the Ruby Phoenix is now available!
PF2 - Strength of Thousands 6 is now available, completing this adventure path!

Game Mechanics

SF - Errata for Galactic Magic has been applied.
PF2 - Added the magic symbols feature from Strength of Thousands, which will appear for selection on the Strength of Thousands section of the Build tab beneath branch selections. This option will remain functional until the character reaches 2nd level, at which point it is replaced by their advancing magical ability.
PF2 - Once an inventor gains an action with the unstable trait or an unstable function, a button for failing their unstable flat check will appear at the top of the special abilities table on the Play tab. Clicking this will disable abilities with the unstable trait and places a reminder icon next to abilities with an unstable function. Clicking this button again to retune after a failed check will return these abilities to normal.

The Nitty-Gritty
Client Improvements and Fixes

Added "Select All" and "Select None" buttons to the character settings for selecting/deselecting all settings under a heading at once.
Campaigns - Fixed manual dice roll submission causing errors when viewing the dice roll history.
NOTE: This only applies to new manual roll submissions. To resolve existing errors, remove all characters from the stage (e.g. by ending the game session and starting a new one).
Campaigns - Fixed campaign invite links not being recognized as links in some other apps (e.g. Discord)
Campaigns - SF - Fixed Apprentice accounts not being able to create Summoned Creature characters in Starfinder campaigns with content sharing enabled

Server Fixes

PF1 - Import of Classic portfolios could occasionally fail temporarily and then later succeed.

Game Mechanics - Misc Improvements

PF2 - The Branches of Scholarship section has been renamed to Strength of Thousands, since it now contains another optional rule from the Strength of Thousands adventure path.
PF2 - A button was added to the formula tables to remind users that formulas for common gear were included in the crafter's book.
PF2 - Added Calculation Information for weapons.
PF2 - Added Calculation Information for Hit Points
PF2 - Added Calculation Information for Focus Points
PF2 - Snares will now display quantity trackers like other consumable items.
PF2 - If you own more than one spellbook for the same class, a warning will appear when attempting to add a spell if you've already added it to a different spellbook. This warning will not be reported once the spells have been added.
PF2 - Backgrounds from adventure paths will now sort by their AP.
PF2 - The attachments table has been removed from the customization options for everything but weapons and armor/shields.
PF2 - The modifications table has been removed from the customization options for magic/alchemical items.
PF2 - The curse and quirk customization options have been removed from consumable items like potions, elixirs, and bombs.
PF2 - The curse customization option has been removed from items that were cursed to begin with.
PF2 - The material and rune tables have been removed from alchemical bombs.
PF2 - The rune table has been removed from ammunition.
PF1 - Skills that can't be used because the character is not trained on them now default to being hidden on the Play tab. A button was added to the skills table with the option to display them.

Game Mechanics - Bug Fixes

PF2 - Abilities that were added as part of other abilities, such as the parts of an alchemist's research field, were sorting out of order.
PF2 - A champion's Smite Evil feat was not applying its bonus damage to unarmed strikes if handwraps of mighty blows had been chosen as your Blade Ally.
PF2 - Adding the Wellspring Mage class archetype to the GM Permission table was reducing a character's known cantrips by 1.
PF2 - The Blade of Justice champion feat has been updated to the second printing.
PF2 - The Assisting Shot fighter feat has been updated to the second printing.
PF2 - If a background added the Assurance feat for a specific skill, a different skill could still be chosen.
PF2 - The climb and swim speeds granted by Quick Climb or Quick Swim were being penalized twice by armor speed penalties.
PF2 - The Expanded Splash alchemist feat's increase to splash damage was not being applied.
PF2 - If something has the option of using the better of two ability scores, such as the attack bonus on a finesse weapon, the better of those ability score modifiers will now be chosen after conditions that modify their checks are applied, such as the clumsy condition.
PF2 - If a large number of skills had been raised to high proficiency levels using the advancements from leveling up, new Lore skills could not be added to the character.
PF2 - The Unconventional Weaponry human feat was not removing the "You are not trained with this weapon" error message when purchasing weapons.
PF2 - When purchasing a weapon, in cases where a weapon familiarity feat or something similar decreased the effective category of the weapon for proficiency purposes, the weapon could incorrectly report that you were not trained in it.
PF2 - Formulas for special ammunition were showing an error about not having a base ammo type selected.
PF2 - When an NPC's ability used customized values, such as when adding Weakness, the values were not always being calculated correctly.
PF2 - Fast Healing, Hardness, and Regeneration are now able to be added via the Automatic Abilities table when customizing an NPC ancestry.
PF2 - The Tengu Weapon Familiarity feat was not offering any sword choices.
PF2 - The Munitions Crafter gunslinger feat now allows the selection of any skill to be trained if the character's class or background already makes Crafting trained.
SF - The name of the Melophile mystic connection and its Universal Choir ability were misspelled.
SF - Creature companions weren't displaying their racial abilities.
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Old April 1st, 2022, 06:06 AM
Thanks for adding Ruby Phoenix. It was what we were about to run!
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Old April 5th, 2022, 10:23 AM
thx @Daniel for these release notes
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