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Old September 15th, 2021, 01:52 PM
Update - I'm currently getting the Domains and Schools and Bloodlines all set up (That's right, folks - three more Faction/Group sets. Say hello to Crews, Teams, and Clubs, the existing ones were taken up by Alignment and Deity) - I have them all set up and I'm doing the backend code for them, and I have the issues with Languages and the common Power Point pool worked out.

Anyone else notice they got rid of half the Alignment definition? Simpler, sure, but I think I will miss the whole Law vs Chaos bit. LOL

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Old September 15th, 2021, 05:10 PM
Thanks for the update... and thanks for all you do.
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Old September 16th, 2021, 10:25 AM
Thanks, SC.

Yes, I'll miss the Law vs Chaos alignment too.
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