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I just uploaded 4.6. It contains the following:

- Updates based on GW FAQ 1-3
- Added changes from There and Back Again
- Added new rules (“Books”) for picking either There and Back Again (“Current books”) or Desolation of Smaug / Battle of the Five Armies (“Older Hobbit books”)
- Added new rules (“White Council settings”) for choosing the Lord of the Rings-era White Council (from the Free Peoples) or the Hobbit-era White Council
- Added new rules (“Army-specific bonuses”) to enable a warning when including allies causes the roster to miss out on an army bonus
- Added customized points costs that are suitable for SBG
- Improved the selection of war machines to include the required crew right away
- Added book and page references to most units
- Normalized unit names (added missing accents and epithets, corrected number)
- Glorfindel gets a normal horse if Arwen takes Asfaloth

Known issues:
- Some bow limits are still not working properly
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