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Originally Posted by michaelmac View Post
Potential bug in Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves data file:

The Dark Elf Assassin is listed as a core model type.

When added to a list his points are not added to the "composition summary". However, they are displayed in the "roster statistics" but the points count towards the category "characters"

What does the Assassin count towards? Characters or Core or both. Whichever is correct should be implemented throughout the roster summary features.


Page 95 in the Dark Elf Armybook....

"Assassins are characters but do not fill any character or core selections in your army."

He is included in the core selections in teh armybook, hence he is listed as core in armybuilder. However in teh quote it states he is a character. That is why in the printout it is displayed as a character. But not a Lord or Hero as he doesn't come out of your lord / hero 25% alotment and is listed under core.... basically, he is a 'core character' that doesn't count towards your 25% core minimums.

The composition summary (bar graph) lists what you need to make a valid roster for your 25% army composition. Since he doesn't count towards any of that when you add him he isn't listed.

I kno it's a bit confusing at first... gotta love GW for making a core character that doesn't count for anything.
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