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You can always look at how the forest gnome adds the minor illusion cantrip or how the Illusionist adds the cantrip, both are code in the community pack.

For darkvision, the fields to use are abValue and abValue2, this thread has a discussion about it and which ones to use and why. Basically abValue is the field for the base range, abValue2 is for the extension amount.

The eval rules you would need to find out proficiency are really complex. For the class features you can look at the feat Martial Adept from the community, it shows how that feat looks for the Superiority Dice feature and shows how to set the DC for this ability.

Finding out if someone is proficient with a martial weapon is two checks, one easy, one complex.
The easy:
Check to see if the hero has ArmProfGrp.WepMartial tag - if they do, they are proficient in all martial weapons and no need to search further.

The hard:
Grab all the WepProf.??? tags from the hero. Loop through all BaseWep things and when one matches one of those tags you just grabbed, check to see if it also has the wProfReq.Martial tag. If it does, you are proficient in a martial weapon and you can mark this feat valid.

The hard part would be something to put into a procedure like the one that checks if you're able to cast spells (5CHasSpells I think).
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