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Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way to print out feat / skill descriptions that my character has in the 3.5 d20 system. When I make a character in Pathfinder and print it comes with great descriptions of all the different things my character has but it seems in this game system I don't get any of that output. I am wondering if that is something I am doing incorrectly, or if that is just not something that is possible with this version of the program?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Seems I posted too soon and answered my own question. To those who might be having this issue you can go to the top menu: Character --> Configure Hero, then scroll down to output options and check "show feat / ability descriptions" which is by default (atleast for me anyway) unchecked. This will allow for that description information to be included.

I am not sure how to delete forum posts here but if a mod thinks this is just wasted space now that I answered my own question please feel free to delete it!

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