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The crossblooded issue is slightly different (don't forget you trade in the bloodline power to become a crossblooded):

Seeing you choose at the correct Sorc level what cross-bloodline power you want. As such a CB Sorc 6/ DD 4. Only has 6th level cross-bloodline powers from Sorc and not progressing further after that seeing your class feature doesn't progress futher.

Seeing you now are a cross-bloodline (aka not a dragon but a dragon/something) DD doesn't work in stacking. Seeing it asks you to be a pure blooded dragonic. After all it asks for you to be a bloodline of dragonic not a mixture of some limited level. As such the DD does grant the breath weapon when it becomes level 3 but only counting the DD's levels for being a "full bloodline" meaning that on level 4 DD you would only get a DC 12. (This is at least my view on it. Which brings me to the next point)

You basically should see crossblooded as a weaker form of that blood. The biggest issue here is mixing a prestige class with an archetype after the prestige class was made. So they didn't know/expect this corner case. But for example you choose to take second bloodline's power on first and 3rd. I don't see you counting as a dragon bloodline at all yet. You might have some blood in you of dragons but it hasn't shown yet. (So even if you would allow it table variations might apply in this case as well)

Either way it depends on how Lonewolf wants to implement it. Cause as it stands there is no clear cut designer intention on this issue

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