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hi! first i have released new files with bug fixes and stuff like cursed company, rhinox cavalry, etc etc etc etc

secondly. while the files are up to date with "official" material - the things in army books - they are behind in things like optional units, some special characters etc etc. i am going to post a threadin a minute that compiles a lits of all the ones still to be added, because there are so many i have lots track of them :~(

so. i need YOUR help. i need YOU to help get the optional things added, like the special characters and so on. please help! if you want, you will need:

1 the rules for the characters
2 the ab constructionkit which you can download

and the initiative to look at things that have already been written, and copy them!

i have asked the lonewolf guys to help people with this, so they will be hereto answer questions about stuff if we need them.

if you will be willing to help, please post her!e the warhammer files need you!!!!!!! :~)
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