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Hello again,

Would it be possible, in a distant future, to add a "subskill" object ?

Something like this:
For rogue (trafinfinding ability):
Perception +6 (Find traps +8)
(the same for the track ability of ranger, etc)

Or for the effect of the jump spell:
Acrobatics +5 (Jump +15)
(or the glibness spell, which gives a bonus to Bluff for lying but not for feinting)

Or even the effect of the base land speed on jump; let's say, for a human barbarian without armor : Acrobatics +6 (jump+10). For monk, with the special bonus to jump and the improvement of base land speed, it can take some time to calculate the jump bonus while playing...

The subskill would essentially be a skill tied to another skill (which give de base bonus in the subskill), and normally without rank or innate bonus (although those field could be useful to transform a skill into a subskill; or the contrary).
For instance, the above rogue would have a "find trap" subskill, with "Perception" as a base skill and a +2 bonus in the subskill.

For now, I'm trying to create the Athletics skill, and according to Paizo's forum, I don't think I'm the only one to use this. Athletics basically replace Climb and Swim, but I think the right way to implement this is to keep track of Climb and Swim innate rank and racial bonus (or other bonus, like the bonus from a climb/swim speed), transfer the innate rank to Athletics (max innate rank limited by HD number), and keep the racial bonus in the subskill. I have managed to do what I want, but the final result would be more natural if I only managed subskill; subskill which would be useful for many official powers, see above.

Edit: and maybe it could as well help for some strange behavior with versatile performance; some bonus apply to the perform skill but not to the emulated skill (like masterwork instruments), some others apply to the emulated skill but not to the perform (a jump spell and the versatile dance).

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