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Along these same lines, how is HL calculating the "Single Limb Actions (Maximum {stat})" field?

I have a character right now with:
- Natural Body, Agi, Str = 5.
- Obvious Cyberlimbs (2x Arms, 2x Legs, Torso, Skull) with Body, Agi, Str = 3

The "Single Limb Actions (Maximum Agility)" is 7 for Body, 5 for Agility, 5 for Strength on every limb. Is this calculating Body maximum differently for some reason?

I understand how averaging works for full-body, and I understand that the Single Limb Actions are supposed to be using the highest stat for that limb, but how is it calculating a Body of 7 as the single-limb maximum for every limb when I don't have any limbs with a Body of 7?

This character is pretty much raw (just Attributes and Cyberware), so I'm pretty sure nothing else is getting in the way.
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