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I'm not sure how they are doing it in the community pack, but one way to do it would be to:

Step 1: Make a NPC monster containing the ship stats like you would create a normal monster.

Step 2: Go back over to the General tab of the editor and find the Minion/Hirelings tab.

At this point you can simply Copy one of the other minions (donkey, etc..), change the name and go to the far right of the editor to select the Minion button which should have a checkmark by it. In the popup from that button, you can select the Bootstraps button and you'll see where this minion object bootstraps rMule - you can replace that with the race you created in Step 1.

You can get sophisticated here and try to create your own headers for Vehicles under the Minion/Hirelings dialogue, one to look at would the the minHdMount thing (Mounts & Other Animals). I'm not going into detail though because there might be unforseen sorting issues if you do that.
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