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Originally Posted by ribbon-ver View Post
This bugs makes me very angry,
At first I have bought 1 year server license that in fact unusable due some bug.(I have license untill 2021 in web interface but the program says that I don't) And I cannot sync my realms.
The reaction of support is 3 working days. I write them on Friday, now weekends, some time after... Ok. I see, it's small company. But mayby I can export-import! Not a chance!
When I import I have:

No difference between 253 or 254 version. So I cannot sync my realm, so no game for players tomorrow.
May be I can post it on forum? No I can't! I cannot register because my name is in spam database. Not email, not ip but name!
Ok. Another name and no conformation email on gmail address(spam folder is empty). Ok, I have another one email! At last it was success! I created topic about my problem, but it is not appeared because it will be published only after moderation check.

Everyone should agree with me that the program that cost 60$+2$/mounth should not do so. Shame on you!
The error in your screenshot is either the 254 bug, or you're trying to import an export from 254/255 into 253. Try doing that import on 255. I can't help with your other issue unfortunately.

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