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As a potential new user I have watched and viewed many of the videos produced by Lone Wolf and the community. So far, I am excited by Realm Works and its capabilities. Still, I have a couple of questions before I purchase the software.
  1. Where can I get a copy of the manual without purchasing the game?
  2. If I purchase the software today, will the upcoming 64 bit version upgrade for free for existing owners of Realm Works or will that be an additional purchase?
  3. Maps and their sizes seems to be an issue, if I link the maps as a foreign object will "fog of world" still be usable?
  4. Can I seperate my data into "separate realms" and open 2 or more at the same time on the same machine?
  5. Does Realm Works handle external monitors internally or do I need to set that up my screens as a multi monitor setup for drag and drop operations to the additional monitors.

Thank You
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