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So I have a question regarding Iron Gods the adventure pack. If I just have the baseline license and buy that pack, I can use all the monsters in the encounter runner without having the licenses for any content from said monsters right? Or no?

Also if I want to import into roll20, can I open each monster and export to xml or do I need the bestiary licenses?


Best of all, if any encounter uses material from a Pathfinder supplement (like the Advanced Players Guide or Bestiary 3), that material will be provided for you to use within the Adventure Path! For example, if you don’t own the Bestiary package for Hero Lab – don’t worry! You can still use Razelago, an accuser devil, in an encounter, view all of his special attacks and abilities, or even print out a character sheet to reference at the game table.
It 'LOOKS' like the answer is yes but I'm wanting to make 100 percent sure I can import these guys into roll20 with their new xml sheet system. Basically need to be able to export the monster sheet to xml.
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