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FAQs for Community D&D 5e Pack:

1) How do I remove a Community Package
A: On Windows/Mac start Hero Lab and go to Tools->Manage Third Party Updates will allow you to remove a Pack or see what files where installed.

2) How to deal with your house rules and D&D 5e Community Packs?
A: You should treat the community data set files in the same way you would official Hero Lab files. This means you should NOT make changes directly to the .user files as those changes will be lost when you update to the next version. Instead you should create a new uniquely named .user file that does a Replaces Thing ID if you need to put in your own house rules over these community data sets.

3) Where and HOW do I get these new Packs?
A: See THIS post for full details. But the new Packs are downloaded from inside of HL and all start with the wording "5e XXXXX Pack". Where XXXX is the name of the specific pack.

4) I am getting an error message when I start Hero Lab. How do I post the error to the forums to get help?
A: By right mouse clicking on an error message you can select "Copy". Then you can easily post the message into your post. Doing this will 100% speed up the chance of getting an answer that will actually help you.

5) How do I report an issue for one of the Community Packs or something you downloaded from d20pfsrd?
A: You can report it to the GitHub repository for this project using THIS LINK.

6) How do a do a "Fresh/new" install of the community Packs?
A: To do a "fresh" install on Windows, Mac or iPad is to delete all the old community packages. Start Hero Lab and on Windows/Mac go to "Tools->Manage Third Party Updates" and delete all the community Packages (ie 5e Community Pack). Be sure to also delete any of the new Packs you installed also. Restart Hero Lab and download just the Pack or Packs you plan to actually use. On the iPad you can LEFT swipe across the addon's name and it will bring up the Delete button. Delete all the community ones and download/install just the Pack/Packs you need.

7) I am getting an error that is causing HL to not load any addons. What can I try?
A: One option to try is to download the Pack again. Let it overwrite the download and install again. This "some" times works and does not take long to try. If still getting an error please RIGHT click on the error window and PASTE the error message into this thread.

8) I am getting an error how can I paste it into this thread?
A: If you are getting a error window you can always RIGHT mouse click and select COPY to copy all the errors. Then you can past them into an post to help others diagnose what is wrong.

9) I get errors when opening my character that talk about sources (ie "Critical information not found in the data files: Source "Broken Chains")
A: So these files use to exist in the Community Player Pack but were removed through the development of the pack. To clean this up is pretty easy. Just open your character again and press OK through the message and go to "Portfolio->Strip Missing Sources". Save your character and you are good to go.

10) Is there an order to loading the new Packs?
A: No.

11) What are all the Placeholders?
A: While we are able to reproduce the mechanics of the missing content we are still unable to release content that is copyrighted. Therefore alot of fluffy text has been left out and replaced with a Placeholder. Eventually we would like to have new descriptions for everything to explain what the 'thing' is designed to do.
A: If anyone has the time we are interested in obtaining the text necessary to update all of the placeholders. The text would need to changed from the original sources however (min 80% diff). We will then update the placeholders in the community pack removing the need for Placeholders completely.

12) It says 'Alpha' or 'Beta' next to the option I want to use, what does that mean?
A: The Community pack is a consolidated effort by quite a few people working together for the greater good. We are however not wizards which means we add content as quickly as we can working with the few hours we have in between our real jobs. For this reason we prefer to release content as soon as its functional. There are however varied levels of functional. The tags below will help you to understand what level of functionality exists with the selections you are using.
  • <Just the selection name> - This is content that contains all 'options' and scripting. You will still come across <Placeholders> where paraphrased text has not yet been provided.
  • <Selection Name> - Beta - This is content that has had all of the 'options' input into the tool however some scripting is still outstanding.
  • <Selection Name> - Alpha - This is content that is currently having the 'options' entered into the tool. While you may find workable options here there will be lots of broken options and scripting will be missing.

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