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Where are you seeing these new units? There are none listed in the FAQ you linked to.

EDIT: A quick Google search of XV33 found a FANDEX which indeed had this unit, two types of Fire Warriors, and the other 'changes' you mention. I really hope you realise why this won't be included!

If you can keep your head while all about you are loosing their's, then you have probably completely misunderstood the situation.

WFB Armies: High Elves (4,500), Orcs & Goblins (6,000) and Daemons of Chaos (6,000)
40K Armies: Ultramarines (6,500), Blood Angels (7,000), Dark Angels (4,000), Imperial Guard (3,500), Orks (4,500), Tyranids (4,000), Dark Eldar (2,500) and Tau Empire (2,500)

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