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If you're storing the target dice size and count values within this Thing, so that you can compare them in the second script before applying them to the acutal wUnarmed thing, then I'd suggest pulling them into an abValue.

In the first script, instead of directly applying the die count with "hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1", do "field[abValue2].value = 1" Do the same thing with the Die Size and abValue3.

Then in the second script, on the last chunk of code, do:
if (field[abValue].value > curwepavg) then
~debug "Ability is pushing the higher tag."
eachpick.field[wDieCount].value = field[abValue2].value
eachpick.field[wDieSize].value = field[abValue3].value

That should work, combined with the code I posted previously. But let me know.

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