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I see a few issues. You're looking for tags and fields like "IsWeapon.wUnarmed" and "xAllLev" without any context, without putting Hero or something like that before it. That means that this Ability is going to look for those tags and fields on itself. If it doesn't find them, it's not going to do what you want.

Try this. I've added comments preceeded by ~!!! to see what's from me:

~ If we're not shown, just get out now
doneif (tagis[Helper.ShowSpec] = 0)

~ If we're disabled, do nothing
doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] <> 0)

~ first we have to establish our benchmark, based on our level
~ all comparisons are made assuming that the wielder is medium,
~ because
~ that is what wMain tags assume. Damage dice are then adjusted up

~ or down
~ appropriately based on size.

~ There are two feats that can increase the level upward.

var act_level as number

~!!! You were looking for the field xAllLev on this ability, not the hero. Doing
~!!! herofield[xAllLev].value may work, but this macro should work, too.

act_level = #totallevelcount[]

~!!! I added this debug code; you can see its output from Develop > Floating Info Windows > Show debug output
~!!! It'll tell you what act_level is at this stage in the script. If you add it again later, you can
~!!! see whether it's calculating correctly. You can do this with any field, variable, etc.

debug "Current act_level: " & act_level

~ Checking for Grappler or Tavern Brawler feats
if (#hasfeat[fGrappler] <> 0) then
act_level += 1

if (#hasfeat[ft5CTaverB] <> 0) then
act_level += 1

~!!! Changed your test because it was looking to see if this ability has the tag "IsWeapon.wUnarmed"
~!!! Now instead we're looking to see if the hero has the tags for equipping stuff in their main and offhand

if (hero.tagis[Hero.EquipMain] = 0) then
if (hero.tagis[Hero.EquipOff] = 0) then
if (act_level >= 18) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 11) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 6) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 3) then
act_level += 3
act_level += 2

~!!! added hero.childfound[wUnarmed] to the beginning of these, to tell HL to go to the
~!!! wUnarmed thing (Unarmed Strikes) and modify it's weapon dice #'s
~!!! Another thing you may want to think about doing is telling it to be the maximum of
~!!! whatever damage dice is present, otherwise you're overriding a possibly higher dice,
~!!! like if they're a Monk. You'd do this:hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 
~!!! maximum(hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value,12)

if (act_level >= 24) then
~ Medium folks get 1d12 at this level. Avg = 6.5
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 12
field[abValue].value += 6.5
elseif (act_level >= 18) then
~ Medium folks get 1d10 at this level. Avg = 5.5
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 10
field[abValue].value += 5.5
elseif (act_level >= 12) then
~ Medium folks get 1d8 at this level. Avg = 4.5
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 8
field[abValue].value += 4.5
elseif (act_level >= 6) then
~ Medium folks get 1d6 at this level. Avg = 3.5
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 6
field[abValue].value += 3.5
elseif (act_level >= 3) then
~ Medium folks get 1d4 at this level. Avg = 2.5
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieCount].value = 1
hero.childfound[wUnarmed].field[wDieSize].value = 4
field[abValue].value += 2.5

~!!! I removed the part where you're telling it to be 1d1, since that's already the default
~!!! Again, you might accidentally override a higher die that someone has from another source

field[abValue].value += 1

~!!! I have no idea what this is, but it's likely unrelated to your problem

var v_text as string

call wMainText

field[abText].text = v_text

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