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Okay, my code checks to see if the Actor is unarmed and, if so, then checks their level to apply something. My issue is, that when the Actor is armed, this check should not be done.

For Example. When unarmed, the Actors unarmed damage goes up one die level from d6 to d8. However, if armed, the unarmed damage should stay at d6. Currently, with the code I have, it is still at a d8 when armed.

How do I fix this?

if (tagis[IsWeapon.wUnarmed] = 0) then
if (act_level >= 18) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 11) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 6) then
act_level += 6
elseif (act_level >= 3) then
act_level += 3
act_level += 2
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