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Yes, if you delete your local data and take what is on the server, then you will no longer encounter the 301 error on that machine, unless and until you do something which will trigger the 301 effect again.

The 301 effect happens because we do not support merging. If you have changes on a machine which have not been synced to the server, and you sync changes to the server from a different machine, then you are now in a 301 state. The best way to avoid it is to always perform a sync before you move to a different machine. This can also happen if you backup a database with changes on it, so the same holds true with backups -- the best way to avoid a 301 is to sync before you perform a backup. While the ability to clobber the server or client state for a realm will give you a way to get out of this situation, it still won't be ideal, as you have to pick one and lose the other.
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