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I'm VERY new to HL and fairly new to PF, so please forgive me. I did a quick search in the forum, but did not see this covered.

Background: I've bought HL, chose PF and then bought some PF and SR modules.

I'm creating a PF Beginner Box adventure for my stepson. So far, I've used HL to create some NPCs and it's been fantastic. Human cleric, elf wizard, dwarf rogue.

Problem: I want to create a halfling NPC now. I can't seem to figure out how to do it though. If I create an "ally of the party" I'm limited to the 3 races PCs are allowed to be in Beginner Box (i.e. Human, Dwarf or Elf).

If I create an "enemy of the party" then I can select one of those three OR one from some set of NPC races. Those NPC races do not include any of the PC races that are excluded from the Beginner Box character creation process (e.g. Halfing, Half-orc).

That seems odd. I should be able to make an NPC of pretty much any race, but barring that I should at least be able to make an NPC of standard PC races. Right?

Am I missing something? It seems odd I can make an Animated Statue NPC but not a Halfling.

TL;DR: How do I make a Halfling NPC for PF Beginner Box?

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