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I haven’t been able to figure out why this is happening or if this is a community pack or HL error.

I have noticed some peculiar errors in the computation of a Warlock’s total hp.

I currently have one portrait of a 1/2-elf warlock at 2nd level showing hit dice of 2d8+9. With his con bonus he should only be 2d8+4. If I delete a level he drops down to 14 or 1d8+6 when he should be 10 with 1d8+2.

Adding the level back, takes it back to 2d8+9 again. This is the second attempt at creating this character with the same error cropping up.

Using community pack with PHB, XGtE, Adventurers League, Max Hit Points, Milestone Advance selected in Character Setup.

Any ideas where these additional hp bonuses are coming from?
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