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Hello Warmachine masses! 8)

I've been in touch with Privateer Press about the new Hordes game as it pertains to the Army Builder files. I just wanted to get a feel for how they would like the new Hordes game represented. With their guidance I'll be creating a new seperate file for Hordes. I can definitely see where their intrests lie in creating a clear line between Warmachine and Hordes.

So, I'll be getting to work on a new data file. With No Quarter #5 it looks they've included the the "warcaster" stats for the new starter boxes. I remember seeing a PDF with some card scans a while any of you have that link/file? I seem to remember the file I had was pretty hard to read.

Any-who...just wanted to keep you all in the loop!


PS, any of you have a favorite faction in Hordes yet? I was leaning towards Blight, but I don't like the look of some of their figs....maybe, maybe not...

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