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According to the data faile ddi_items.dat here's the data for the item:

<thing id="mgIouAll21" name="Ioun Stone of Allure" description="{b}Head Slot{/b}225,000 gp{br}{br}Property: You gain a +4 item bonus to Charisma-based skill checks and Charisma ability checks. You also gain a +5 item bonus to the damage rolls of Charisma-based attacks." compset="MagicItem">
<fieldval field="mgLevel" value="21"/>
<fieldval field="mgFlavor" value="This pink and green sphere increases your presence and force of personality."/>
<usesource source="MordensEmp"/>
<tag group="Rarity" tag="Rare"/>
<tag group="ItemSlot" tag="isHead"/>

Most of what needs to be here is missing I will re-download the dataset over night and see what happens.
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