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Hello, I am in the process of moving a character I play in a campaign from the old character builder over to Herolab. Tonight I was given the item Ioun stone of allure and upon entering it into the character sheet I noticed that the +5 damage buff is not being added into the spells.

Also as a storm sorcerer I have the staff implement, I have a +3staff as well as a +1 staff of knives for those times when I'm just tooo close to the action. with the dual implement spellcaster I should be able to have an implement in my main hand and off hand. Herolab complains when I have both items equipped, but still give the +1 bonus.

The other thing I notice is that Tempest Magic Feat is not being added into the damage. According to CB i should be doing at least +19 points of damage
(not including the ioun stone), where as on herolab I am doing +15 damage.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something in the configuration or if HL is not doing something.
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