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Here is the final scripting for Move by Wire

Phase: Traits Priority: 5000

Timing After Calc grRating, Before Calc trtFinal #2

~only proceed if we're not disabled
doneif (activated = 0)

~+Rating to REA and Initiative Passes
perform #traitaugment[attrRea,+,field[grRating].value*2,""]
perform #traitaugment[attrPass,+,field[grRating].value,""]

perform hero.childfound[skaDodge].field[trtAugment].modify[+,field[grRating].value,""]

var skillwire as number
if (field[grRating].value = 3) then
skillwire = 5
skillwire = 2 * field[grRating].value
~record 2x rating on the hero's activesoft limit
perform herofield[acActSLim].modify[+,2 * skillwire,""]
~and the rating as the max for any one activesoft
perform herofield[acActSMax].modify[+, skillwire ,""]

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