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Originally Posted by bludragn View Post
Can you also post how you made the move-by-wire addition? i have several people in my grp that use it and i am not a programer, so would be helpful to see how you did it so i can pass it along. Thanks!
Once I get the script above fixed you can use that. Do you need help setting up the cost, essence, etc... ?

I have also created Genetic Optimization using the script:

Phase: Pre-Trait Priority: 5000

Timing: After Apply Racial Min/Max,
Before Attr Calc trtMaximum
Bound trtUser

~if we're not active, just get out now
doneif (activated = 0)

~if nothing's been selected, there's nothing we can do
call usrChosen1
doneif (state.isfocus = 0)

~add 1 to the natural maximum of our selected attribute
focus.field[trtNatMax].value += 1

You also need to change some fields in the configuration: Menu 1#: Choose Attribute
Menu 1# Source: All Picks on Hero
Menu 1# Tag Expression: component.Attribute & (AttrCat.Mental | AttrCat.Physical)

A dropdown will appear next to the name on the cyberware listing allowing you to choose the attriibute.

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