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This is the script I used. It may not be correct or most efficient way since you haven't had a chance to release documentation, so I am just groping in the dark.

Phase: Traits Priority:5000

Timing: After Calc grRating, Before Calc trtFinal #2

~only proceed if we're not disabled
doneif (activated = 0)

~+Rating to REA and Initiative Passes
perform #traitaugment[attrRea,+,field[grRating].value*2,""]
perform #traitaugment[attrPass,+,field[grRating].value,""]

foreach pick in hero from SkillAct where "Skill.skaDodge"
perform eachpick.field[DicePool].modify[+,field[grRating].value,""]

A goofy way to do it by just looping through one skill, but I don't know the method to directly modify a skill and it was all I could find. I modified the loop used for skill groups. It does appear that I am just modding the dice pool.

Should I use something like: perform eachpick.field[Rating].modify[+,field[grRating].value,""] or is there a method to directly add. Which would be much more elegant. I tried traitaugment but it didn't work. Is there a skillaugment?

However I have also now noticed that the calculations are not taking Dodge specializations in account. For instance, if a have a Ranged specialization on Dodge, it is not being added to Ranged Full Dodge.

I also tried to have it give the player the free skillwires, but could only get it to give a rating one as a bootstrap. I don't know how to vary the rating of a bootstrap and get it installed into the character for no cost or essense. So I removed it and instead created a copy of the skill wires that have no cost or essense that can be added manually.

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