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Unfortunately, there are a few things that we weren't able to finish in time for the initial release;
  1. Combat
    • Apply wound modifiers to the appropriate tests.
  2. Magic
    • Statistics for Spirits
    • Astral Attributes, Perception, Projection and Combat (currently incomplete)
  3. Matrix & Technomancers
    • Statistics for Sprites
    • AR vs. VR vs. Hot-Sim VR (currently incomplete)
    • Active/Passive/Hidden mode
  4. Vehicles & Drones
    • Statistics for Vehicles
    • Rigging & Jumping In
    • Pilot Programs, Agents and IC
  5. NPCs & Critters
    • Grunt/Lieutenant NPC Mechanics
    • Group/Professional Rating
    • Critter Powers
    • Critters
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Track what senses a character currently has active, and report that to the user in a single list. This will be a list of special senses that's shown when you move your mouse over the Perception dicepool at the top of the screen.
    • For the Condition Monitors on the In-Play tab, replace the numbers with boxes
    • Toxin/Disease Resistances
    • Apply various "All Actions", "All Physical Actions", "All Matrix Actions" etc. bonuses/penalties, including wound penalties
    • Attribute-Only tests (Composure, Judge Intentions, Lifting & Carrying, Memory)
    • Modify Contacts so that they can't be altered on the Social tab during Advancement mode, but are instead changed on the Advancement tab, to preserve a record of how your relationship with that contact changed.
    • Guest cost for a lifestyle, shared lifestyles, permanent lifestyles
There's no need to report any of those issues in this thread, but if you come across anything else, please report them here, and we'll address them as soon as we can.
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