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I have 2 suggestions/requests for features, and I do believe it'd be tricky to make it work, but here we go anyways:

I'd like to be able to "save" a particular unit I've customized and named in the roster back to the data files, so I can put together a roster directly from my own, already built and painted army, with their names and individual pictures. EDIT: I do know we're able to save the unit, but it's a single unit for file and using it is a boring process, what I'm proposing is make it a data file, to pick directly.

Which comes to #2:
I have 3 SM captains, each customized in a proper way, to fit particular encounters, and when I set the picture I've noticed I set the same to them all!
"of course" I thought, "the picture must be set to the custom data ID instead of the roster entry ID".
Well, the suggestion is to make a button to set a picture unique to the entry, this way infantry squads can use all the same or pic a particular one.

Don't know If I was clear in the request, and if there's already something like that please point me how to, cause I've read most help and found nothing!

thank you for your time
Lord Camord Oburo of the Orient Brigade

EDIT: clarifying some points

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