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I am created a custom favored class option where a sorcerer gets to select a druid spell of 1 less than current max spell level to be added to spells known. I haven't found a way to add it directly to the spells known, so I have made it get added to the spells allowed list, so the user can then select it. It works the first time, but if selected multiple times, the additional ones do not.

First off the line isn't automatically added to the "Customize Favored Class Options" for selections beyond the first, you have to manually add it. Second, even after doing that the additional spells are not added to the allowed spells list. Is this just an engine limitation or is there something else I need to add?

post-attributes 36000

~generate the expression saying what spells we're able to search for
~we're looking for spells that are druid spells but not sorcerer spells and are of a level one or more less than we can cast

var spellmax as number

spellmax = hero.childfound[cHelpSor].field[cMaxSpLev].value

field[usrCandid1].text = "component.BaseSpell & sClass.cHelpDrd & !sClass.cHelpSor & (val:sLevel.? < " & spellmax & ")"

post-levels 10000
      ~if we've chosen something, add that spell to the spells we're allowed to choose.
      doneif (field[fcCount].value = 0)
      doneif (field[usrChosen1].ischosen = 0)
      ~retrieve the spell info tag from the thing we've chosen
perform field[usrChosen1].chosen.pulltags[ClsAllowSp.?]
perform hero.childfound[cHelpSor].pushtags[ClsAllowSp.?]

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