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I've started taking a look at the DL Campaign Setting content in the community set. There are a vast number of changes that need to be made to get this content up to current standards and working properly. Does anyone use these files and/or have any specific requests on anything?

Right off the bat, I'm seeing problems with the Cleric Domains in the Campaign Setting file. There are four Mystic Only domains currently selectable by Clerics, but not by the Mystic. I feel like I should just delete these. Even if I put in a pre-req that requires the user to have a level of Mystic, it wouldn't prevent Cleric/Mystics from taking these domains as a Cleric. That may still be possible to do, but I'm not sure how yet or if it's worth figuring out.

Anyway, I'm just wondering how much changes like this are going to affect people before I overhaul this content.
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