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Old April 2nd, 2020, 12:23 PM
With the recent switch to online gaming that has been required, I'd like to ask again (as others have done) for an array roller in Hero Lab. The mobile app versions have it - it would be awesome if the desktop could too.

My weapon attack and damage rolls are slightly more complex than the average level 1 barbarian, and there are no plugins out there that can track things like Bless, Enlarge and so on dynamically - and besides, Hero Lab does this already!
I would recommend it hang off the In Play tab, with a button for "all" and also individual ones (as people may wish to make trip, bull rush attempts).

Bonus points if there could be an output dump to something like Roll20 or Discord, that would aggregate the rolls into a nicely parsed unit and formatted for a chat window (a small sized copyable/draggable image would be awesome, Discord can take drag-and-drop images) with your name, the "weapon attacks" and the results.

As a group, we have always had some pride in showing our rolls to everyone and online there is literally no visibility for us to display our rolls.

Yes, I know macros exist in Roll20. I made one for four attacks (not withstanding Power Attack, Bless, Bulls Strength and all the other modifiers I can't include) and it spits out a wall of text that takes up the entire chat window.

Please consider this, I know I'm not the only one out there that needs this.

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