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Originally Posted by ribbon-ver View Post
May be someone reads it at last..
I have bought 1 year RW server access at 4 march and have in profile that it is active untill 2021. But nothing happens! My RW says that my license is expired and I cannot sync my realms. I have already emailed to support, but now it is weekends, than may be one more day. Than a week will be passed. I understands that this is small company, but i think such situations still should not happened. May be this post can speed up resolution of this situation.

You can copy your data between local computers with the import / export functionality. If you need to download from the cloud to sync down, because you have no data locally youre screwed untill LWD will fix it.

Is your RW maybe synched to another user account? It is somehow tied to a user name.

Man I really hope - if the support decreases at this rate - that they will be able to disable the online check, when you add a new realm ...

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