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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
Would it work to make the levels beyond the initial selection into qualities? They can be free, if these upgrades are something that happens automatically.
No, because each of the "Spoke" traditions (Bard, Druid, Life, Warrior, Steward) can be taken as traditions without taking the "Path of the Wheel" Quality in the same way that a character can learn a martial art style without taking the "Martial Art" Quality. In the case of the martial art styles the styles are just an adjustment to the unarmed combat skill, similar to a specialization or subskill. The "spoke" traditions would be treated as regular traditions, limiting the character to following only one tradition. "The Path of the Wheel" Quality is what allows them to stack up those traditions within the wheel. Normally, the character does not change their tradition within the life time of the character.
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