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Originally Posted by CeaDawg View Post
During play, the character initiates and gains meta magics as normal. With "Path of the Wheel" selected as a quality, an expression in the chosen tradition checks the initiation rank of that tradition. Once rank >1 becomes true then the player can choose another tradition from the "spokes" of the wheel. The expression is repeated for that tradition and the process continues until each of the "spoke" traditions is rank >1. During this whole series of learning new traditions is finished with the spokes, the expression within the "Path of the Wheel" quality checks to see if all the spoke traditions are rank >1. If this is true, then it unlocks the choice of taking either "Path of Death" or "Path of Kings". Once either of these is selected then further selections of paths is locked, preventing choosing both Death and Kings.
Would it work to make the levels beyond the initial selection into qualities? They can be free, if these upgrades are something that happens automatically.
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