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Neither of the 2 traditions (Hermetic & Shaman) show pre-reqs or expr-reqs. However, the Quality Elf Poser does have an expr-req: #hasrace [racHuman] <> 0

The traditions is what I'm working atm & is eating my lunch trying to make Path of the Wheel and all of it's sub-traditions work.

According to the RL practitioners, I've only found two groups, there are either 6 or 7 sub-traditions within the wheel. Neither group is from Ireland, haven't found any real world reference to it being practiced there. The two groups I did find are from American Indian decent and African decent. In the American Indian practice there are 6; the hub (death), the 4 spokes (earth, fire, water, air), and the rim (life). The African version moves life to one of 5 spokes and replaces it on the rim with one that could be called called the Path of Kings.

In both groups one masters each of the spoke traditions before learning either the hub tradition, or the rim tradition, but not both. This makes sense in the first group as death is opposed to life, but seemed a bit convoluted to me when folks from the second group tried to explain it to me. Just have to use the "I believe" button I suppose.

In keeping with this concept I'm looking at a practitioner having to first choose Path of the Wheel, as their Primary tradition, and then each of the spoke traditions in turn until they have reached some level of initiation beyond rank 1. Having achieved this level of mastery they would then be able to choose another spoke tradition and repeat the process until they are at least rank 2 initiates in all of them. At that point the practitioner would then be able to choose either the Path of Death or the Path of Kings, or Life depending upon your mythos.

I envision this working something like the Martial Arts presented in Arsenal.
That being that a character chooses the Martial Arts quality, then chooses a Martial Arts Style/Tradition to go with it, and later picking up another style to master once they've boned up on their techniques a bit.

The process would be something like this at character creation:

1. The player chooses one of the magical qualities (Magician, Adept, Mystic Adept, etc.) to enable their use of magic.
2. They then choose "Path of the Wheel" from the qualities, which unlocks the limit on having only 1 tradition with respect to the other paths of the wheel AFTER the character is finalized. During character creation the player would be limited to choosing only one of the "spoke" traditions of the wheel.
3. The player finishes out the character and Locks the character to finalize it in the creation mode, moving it to play mode.

During play, the character initiates and gains meta magics as normal. With "Path of the Wheel" selected as a quality, an expression in the chosen tradition checks the initiation rank of that tradition. Once rank >1 becomes true then the player can choose another tradition from the "spokes" of the wheel. The expression is repeated for that tradition and the process continues until each of the "spoke" traditions is rank >1. During this whole series of learning new traditions is finished with the spokes, the expression within the "Path of the Wheel" quality checks to see if all the spoke traditions are rank >1. If this is true, then it unlocks the choice of taking either "Path of Death" or "Path of Kings". Once either of these is selected then further selections of paths is locked, preventing choosing both Death and Kings.
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