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Originally Posted by Dami View Post
Community files are handled by the community, generally with one person handling everything, or hosting them on GitHub so multiple people have access. You should be able to work that out with Cryptoknight and charlieluce for the files.
I don't see how LW would be involved with that. (I may be wrong) Mathias (LW staff) is active on the HLC forums, try sending him a message.
Um...yes? Please understand, I've already discussed this with Cryptoknight in private messages; I'm not coming at it from a position of ignorance. The whole point is that they are currently the "one person handling everything" and they are looking to pass that role to somebody else, and I volunteered. But there is a small complication that would require action on LW's part, hence I'm trying to contact LoneWolf on Cryptoknight's advice. Hopefully that make things clearer

Thanks for the advice about Mathias, I'll give him a try!

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