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For the feats that only allow you to select from among 2 or 3 lore skills, we've got a project on the to-do list already to examine what we can do in terms of adding those to the hero automatically when you add the feat - we should be able to add them in a way that lets the user delete the ones they don't pick, if they want to reduce the clutter, but still delete the whole set if the user deletes the feat/background/whatever that added them in the first place. It wouldn't help for things like Terrain Stalker, which can select from among 10+ different terrain lores, or the raised by belief background that can potentially select from many dozen deity lores, but it should be feasible for the 2-3 choice ones.

But just a caveat - the project on our to-do list is to explore this - to check how easy it is to run up against the limit, and make sure that if you do run up against the limit the issue is handled smoothly, and then check how this ends up working if you add two different feats that can each select several lores, and they have some amount of overlap in those lists - what happens to the lores if you change your mind on one of those feat choices, but not the other?
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