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Originally Posted by paule15 View Post
Current version doesn't seem to build the actual Spell details when
using the 'Save Custom Output' - Custom Roster Output and Select HTML format,,,,

The Actual Spell specifications do not seem to be listed in the HTML output only the, Spell Name and or Signature Spell law comes out with no details on the individual spells themselves e.g Cast on 5+ 2D6 Damage etc.

I only noticed this when printing an Army List for a recent game on 29th Dec 2014. (No Spell details when outputing in HTML format).

I went back and checked a HTML (Custom Output) list I had produced in Apr 2014 and the Spell details are there.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks for your help.

Known issue with new style of spell listing required for End of Times ruleset. We are working to add the spell detail back in for the new release. took us some time to figure out how to make both work using the new end time Magic rules where you know all spells in Endtime vs Lvl/#spells in non-end times.

Expect to have them back soon
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