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You need to use the editor built in to Herolab to access anything in the core datafiles for the game system, or in any add-on datafiles that require an additional purchase from Lone Wolf to use. Those files are protected, to try to make it more difficult for people to share the paid content with other people who haven't paid for it.

The editor can be found in the Tools menu, using Show Editor. Follow the directions to create or open a new data file.

There will be two rows of tabs at the top of the editor window.

The first row of tabs are just categories, and you want to select "Race" there.

The second row of tabs list the different kinds of things that have an "editthing" for their compset, and you'll also want to select "Race" there.

Then, if you hit "New (Copy)" at the bottom, it will give you a list of all things derived from that compset that are currently loaded into Herolab. As long as you have purchased the Blood of the Moon book, you should be able to find the Skinwalker in the list. All the core races will be available to copy there as well.
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