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Disclaimer: Mathias and Aaron are the experts, so they might have a better suggestion.

I think the simplest solution may be to replace the Automatics skill with a new version that simply adopts the value of the Longarms skill. Simply force the user-entered value to zero so no one inadvertently uses the skill and assigns BP to it, then have the net value be calculated as equal to the Longarms skill. Once the same value is mirrored into both skills, all the weapons based on the Automatics skill will instantly work and use the correct values for your custom game.

Changing one skill will be vastly easier than changing dozens or weapons to use a different skill. Granted, changing all the weapons is the "proper" solution, but it's also very annoying, because you will need to replace all the weapons that use Automatics via the editor and one at a time.

There should be zero difference between the Mac and Windows versions with respect to editing data files. Both platforms use the identical data files and have the exact same editing features available.

Hope this helps....
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