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Originally Posted by Schedim View Post
The wiki seems to be completely abandoned which is a bit of pity as there is a lot of code snippets here and there it would be good to know how to interpret. not everything shows up when you search the forum ...

And asking question about every frakking codepiece I wondering about would bog the forum down. Is there any plans for a update of the documentation? it seems to been a while ... you must have a inhouse document I mean, perhaps it could be cut down, trimmed a bit and then released?

I just asked Matthias about this. He stated that they don't have any internal documentation like this. He said that if they need to know how to do something, they'll open up a Skype chat session with a coworker and work it through there. Then, if they need to refer back to it, they just go through old Skype chats.

I appreciate the honesty, but it doesn't help people who are trying to use the product they've purchased.

Matthias was also very apologetic about the absolutely appalling state of the AK wiki, and stated they they do not have any plans to finish the wiki or update it to cover any new features within HL. They have too much other work to do for other things that they deem to be more important than this.

To paraphrase: "yeah, we didn't provide the documentation to fully utilize the product you purchased, and I'm sorry that the wiki has been abandoned, but we're too busy with other things and your requests won't make us any money. Good luck have fun!"

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