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Originally Posted by mastratton View Post
I have a question about the protection domain (UA 11/2016). My 3rd level cleric has this domain, and it's giving me protection from energy and slow at 3rd level, but those spells aren't gained until 5th level.

I don't know to get that fixed. HL is showing me that I can't have those spells (which is correct), but I didn't pick them - they were granted when I took the domain.
Yup, this is definitely an error with the file. I'm fixing it for the next release. In the meantime, you can fix it by doing this:
  1. Open the Editor (Tools > Show Editor)
  2. Open COM_5ePack_UA - Cleric.user
  3. Go to the tabs Class > Custom Ability, and click on "Protection (UA - 11/2016)"
  4. Click on the Edit button by "Spell-Like Abilities" (should have a x10)
  5. On the line for Protection from Energy, click the "Tags" button
  6. On the tag for "BonusSplAt" change the number from 3 to 5
  7. Click OK
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for Slow
  9. Repeat steps 5-7 for Guardian of Faith and Resilient Sphere, but change the number from 4 to 7.
  10. Click OK
  11. Save the data file (click yes when it asks you to save the record)
  12. Close the Editor
  13. Reload Hero Lab with Ctrl-R

So whoever set these up put in the wrong numbers there; you'll notice the correct numbers are the level you get these bonus spells (hence the tag "BonusSplAt", or Bonus Spell at Level....).

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